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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mystery palate close to being identified...stay tuned...

Who tasted the Chateau Latour 1971 and said it was pinot noir? Here are some responses....
BUT FIRST: It was Harry Waugh, the Brit wine writer, who was asked when was the last time he mistook a claret for a Burgundy. He replied, 'Not since lunch.' (In case you didn't know, Claret is Brit talk for Bordeaux).
One major wine writer wrote to me:  "If you find out who this was, please share it. I have not tasted a '71 Latour since I gulped my last bottle in 1999.  But, to be fair, I recall it had lost much of its original power and fruit (71 was not a fantastic year), so I can see where a certain wine critic could get confused. geeze I wish I got invited to tastings where they served Latours!"
Another major said "Why not narrow it down by asking who it was NOT. Not me!  (I don't even get invited to these high-end tastings.)"
Perhaps it was not even a writer: the Globe identified the taster as "one of Canada's best-known wine critics". Wine critics also work for the LCBO...Perhaps it was a member of their vaunted tasting panel?



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