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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vieux Beaujolais Cougar Wine Will Arrive Nov. 19, 2008

BEAUJOLAIS – (GOSH Wine News Services) – In a revealing press conference to be called in just a few hours, Drowsy LaBeef Wines will announce a new Beaujolais in their Fall line-up. To be called Vieux Beaujolais, it will be sold annually on the Wednesday immediately preceding the release of Beaujolais Nouveau. This year, that'll be November 19, 2008


A senior Beaujolais official familiar with these activities, and speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to divulge specific details, commented that when faced with warehoused stock and returned wines, LaBeef developed an idea for a mature Beaujolais for today's lifestyles. At the same time, to enhance sales, the company has pounced on the New World marketing values, and has created a "critter" for the label: a Brazilian cougar, in a three-dimensional motif. Advance press notice from the UK shows some intense excitement.


One Brit wine writer was provided an advanced sample, and raved about the wine. She said: "the penetrating initial entry quickly leads to a mouthfilling rush of pleasurable mature gamey – er, Gamay – fruit that explodes with orgasmic intensity at the end. Sustainable finish, aided by a very long length."  


Many North American wine writers are doubtful about the value of this wine, and are adopting a wait-and-see attitude. Early sample tastings show that neither the sustainable finish nor the long length travels very well across the ocean. "Pity", said one Canadian writer, who said that otherwise she was looking forward to it. She went on to say that "Nouveau is so young, so premature, so short, so 'over and done with' quickly. It's only worth – what's the word? Early e…ejac…?  No, early expectoration"


This country's wine bloggers, who are, by and large, under the age of 30, are drooling at the thought that the Cougars will "arrive in style", to be tasted at bars and parties. They don't mind the short finish or the diminished length. One said: "We're used to it, happens all the time."


A special promotion by the LCBO will ensure that its mature status lasts beyond Christmas, unlike the Nouveau. Early marketing indications are that it will outsell Beaujolais Nouveau.


More on this story as the Cougars play out…


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