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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Faux Voix Wine Investigations Unit Finishes a Very Exciting -- and Exacting -- Year in 2008

TRAWNA -- (GOSH Wine News Services) -- GOSH folks, we're here to celebrate!  Welcome to 2009 ..The Faux Voix VinCuisine Wine Investigations Unit has finished a very exciting -- and exacting -- year in 2008.


We've broken more stories than any other wine source on the Internet..


We've dealt with many sources who have spoken to us off the record because they are familiar with the situations, and spoke to us on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to divulge details while being very close to the centre of discussions. And besides, they lost their dark glasses and didn't want to be shot at.


We have collectively called them all Miffed Mole.


Top reporters who have worked for us included Moe Mentum and Brett Grimsby. Moe, I'm afraid, may no longer be with us...


A Superior Court judge yesterday ordered GOSH Wine News reporter Moe Mentum to cease reporting on negotiations between the LCBO and the industry. The judge had issued the publication ban even though neither the LCBO nor the industry had requested it. An industry spokesperson said: "We love Moe..he's got the real goods from his unnamed sources." The LCBO simply referred to Moe as a bothersome gnat, but did not want to take away his right to free speech. The judge apparently believed that Mentum's reporting had a chilling effect on any discussions.


Meanwhile, Mentum and Grimsby helped to break the following stories, all of which are still on the Faux Voix VinCuisine blog site at http://fauxvoixvincuisine.blogspot.com. If you missed any, check them out:


-The LCBO knows the location of every bottle of alcoholic beverage in Ontario


-The New Coalition is to take on the LCBO


-Constellation Brands buys Peller Estates for its wine stores, promises to take on the LCBO for wine sales.


-LCBO motto contest


-Repatriation of Vincor


-Niagara Frontier catches on fire with disgruntled  grape growers.


-Wine Writers Circle welcomes geezers with its Vieilles Vignes membership category.


-Hidden study reveals that corks are dead at LCBO, to be replaced by twist tops.


-Melamine found in "Cellared in Canada" wines imported from China.


-LCBO to license wine writers in Ontario


-LCBO song contest produces a variant of "Y-M-C-A"


-Federal Conservative Party campaign promise to rescind 1928 Importation of Intoxicating Beverages Act


-Ontario wine now available at The Beer Store


-Vieux Beaujolais Cougar wine will arrive November 19, 2008


-LCBO to go 24/7 in time for Christmas


-Canadian zombie gene isolated, to be spliced into Canadian grapes.


-Vincor to release high end wines in tetra paks


-Wines to be sold at Farmers' Markets in Toronto


-Ontario licensed wine writers to receive 10% discount for wine purchases.



Look for more exciting – and exacting – stories in 2009!! That's a promise. We're working on a dozen or more, filing our FOI requests, mining our Miffed Moles. Guaranteed to create a special PNG status…


Chimo!  www.deantudor.com



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