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Saturday, September 5, 2009

GOSH: Cellared in Canada Business Management program collapses

TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) -- Former students of the Canadian College of Haute Cuisine are alleging that they were misled into taking a program that left them unqualified in their field.


Three students who took the Cellared in Canada Business Management program at the CCHC claim it didn't have the ability to confer the industry designations it promised, despite the joint sponsorship of the Association for Cellared in Canada Wines and the Canadian Cellared in Canada Wine Group.


They have launched a class action lawsuit against the CCHC and are seeking $11 million dollars in damages. Their lawyer said a court date has been set for October.


The proposed class-action lawsuit against the CCHC has not been certified by the courts, and the allegations have not been proven in court.


Top investigative wine reporter Brett Grimsby has been following this story for days now, and he files his report based on several interviews with Miffed Mole, the collective name for our sources who are familiar with the situation, and who spoke to him on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to divulge details while they were very close to the centre of discussions and while the matter under consideration had not yet been finalized nor announced to the public. While the decisions may or may not have been finalized internally, and while an announcement on the matter may or may not be imminent, possibly within the next week or two, that specific timeline is not really known.


When asked for a statement, the students said: "We were told that Cellared in Canada wine products were on the cutting edge of Canadian viniculture, and there would be plenty of entitlement jobs available. Sales were rising exponentially every year, and there were supposed to be scores of opportunities to get into a cushy-cozy management position through entitlement. We weren't actually supposed to make the stuff, just know how the blend was done.


"Then the pomace hit the fan when the Olympic wine scandal broke. Imagine using imported wine to raise money for the Olympics! The public awareness of the fraud of CIC wines made all of us entitlement students redundant. It was all a waste of time and money. Somebody should pay for these jobs that we were entitled to get.


"We're also tired of denials and tweets like NMP or DEGT. The industry should have been looking out for us – two years of our lives were wasted with false entitlement partying."


When asked for a comment, the Canadian College of Haute Cuisine decided to close for the Fall term. The Ontario Wine Council is keeping its options open, and decided to be GFTD.


More on this mis-education entitlement miscue as it develops…


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