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Friday, June 18, 2010

Canada Post and HST

The HST is being applied to a new range of services, all of which are itemized on the BC and Ontario government websites. Newspapers copy these lists and present them to the public (e.g., here's what's going up in price, here's other changes, etc.).
BUT -- neither BC nor Ontario sites, nor the Canada Post site, nor the papers and magazines mention at all the fact that Canada Post rates will now be HST and going up 8% (the old PST) in Ontario.
To me, this is a huge chunk of change for Ontarians. We're already at 54 cents plus GST. Another 8% (a nickel? six cents?) will just drive more people away from the post office.
But it is NOT the money gained by Canada Post that makes me to write this note; it is the lack of information that this particular change is coming.
Not a single media outlet has commented on the post office and HST -- except the one in Medicine Hat last month (May 13) , and even that was just obliquely.
Is there a coverup of HST data that the public should know about?

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