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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to the CellaredinCanadaTM Wine Society!

Welcome to the CellaredinCanada™ Wine Society!


11 Years Celebrating Wine -- 30% of the time!


The CellaredinCanada™ Wine Society is a non-profit club that explores the CellaredinCanada™ wines of Ontario and those of other regions of the world through informal, educational, diverse and social tastings and special events. Our club caters to everyone 19 years or older. Because we are non-profit and supported by the CellaredinCanada™ wineries, we provide excellent value-for-your-money events. Currently, we have three chapters - Toronto, Ottawa, and London. We would love to set up clubs in other regions.


Join the CellaredinCanada™ Wine Society today by clicking here and receive the benefits as described below. Or, see the bottom of this page to sign up to receive our newsletter and event flyers free.






Click here to take you to a page of companies that are offering discounts to CellaredinCanada™ Wine Society members.




Each chapter holds 8 to 10 tasting and special events per year. Each event is built around a theme. A member of the CellaredinCanada™ Wine Society, and one guest, each attend the tasting at the member price which is usually $10 less than the non-member's price.


Recent Tastings Include:


    * Sipping With the Stars


    * The Passionate Art of CIC Wine


    * Bus Trip to a CellaredinCanada™ Wine Factory (see write up below)


    * A Sparkling Spring Evening


    * ZipCode-CellaredinCanada™ Challenge


    * Gadgets, Gizmos & Games - Oh My!


Each event:


    * Usually features 8 or more Ontario CellaredinCanada™ wines or a mixture of CellaredinCanada™ wines and wines from other regions of the world, especially from British Columbia where the blending rules are different. Often, these wines are tasted blindfolded.

    * Includes food - appetizers or a full dinner.

    * Often provides the opportunity to try new wines and wines that are available at the LCBO or winery chain retail stores, but which you wouldn't normally buy.

    * Is led by an industry expert - winemaker, winery owner, wine writer or some non-professional such as a funneler who works on the blending line.

    * Is cost-friendly. Since we are non-profit, we can provide a wide variety of high-quality CellaredinCanada™ wines and food at reasonable prices.

    * In Toronto, is usually held at a downtown restaurant, club or venue close to the TTC.


We issue a monthly newsletter ("Just Off The Tanker") that lists all of the special upcoming events that are happening at CIC wineries, restaurants and other local venues. The newsletter has write-ups of past events, Ontario CellaredinCanada™ wine industry news and feature articles.


Some impressive questions from our Bus Trip to a CellaredinCanada™ Wine Factory:

1. How does "Cellared in Canada" work? (Answer: You didn't even understand eleventh-grade math, so why are you asking?)

2. What would happen if I went inside the tank? (Answer: You'd drown)

3. How much did it cost?  (Answer: Forty squillion)

4. What does this thing do?  (Answer: Don't touch that)

5. What would happen if you, like, gave a saucer of CellaredinCanada™ wine to a cat?  (Answer: I don't know)

6. If I concentrate really hard, will I ever be able to understand CellaredinCanada™ wines? (Answer: No)

(...with abject apologies to the Ontario Wine Society)

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