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Saturday, April 19, 2008

OntarioWineReview.com - Newsletter 0078 - Vincor Fallout

Image Ontario Wine Review: Vincor Fallout (By Michael Pinkus)

Well it's been almost two years now since Constellation (a New York based company) bought out our very own beloved Vincor and by all outward appearances nothing has changed.  Jackson-Triggs is still Jackson-Triggs, Inniskillin is still Inniskillin, etc. etc. etc. It looks like business as usual.  Sure there was all that fear-mongering and gnashing of teeth about how the sale would change the face of Canadian wine ... and yet all's quiet.  Sure it looks like Le Clos Jordanne will never be built, Frank Gehry (architect) made a "shipload" of money designing a winery that is now a pie in the sky dream, instead of a floating roof in the sky reality ... and Jack Diamond (architect) is rubbing his hands together with glee because his project beat Gehry's into the Niagara region (Southbrook); but otherwise nothing has changed, except everytime I see the name Vincor, it is followed by the parenthetic (a Constellation company) ... otherwise, nothing has changed - nothing.  And believe it or not, that should bother you.  

I hear you asking, "why grape guy, why should the long thought ruination of the Canadian wine industry by that bohemoth from the south (Constellation) NOT happening bother me?  If everything is status quo, shouldn't I be happy that we have not lost our Canadian identity?" Ah, but my fine reader friends we have lost something, or let me put it to you this way, we've lost sight of something – something we should be rallying around and making a fuss about: VQA wine stores.

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