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Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 Top Reasons to Buy Ontario wines (from Larry Paterson)


10. The average bottle of Ontario wine sold returns $4.29 to the Ontario economy. The import is good for only 56 cents.

9. Transporting subsidized imported wines of dubious quality (much of the LCBO General list!) leaves a horrible environmental footprint. YOU make it bigger every time you buy such products.

8. Remember the last time you asked a local business to contribute to your local charity? Why not support those who support local charities?

7. When you buy local, you reduce your eventual taxation by giving government other working people to tax.

6. Those 130 members of LCBO senior management who on average had salaries $18,789.79 ABOVE their maximum salary range don't need further bonuses. Deny them by purchasing directly from the smallest local winery you can reach.

5. Buying local wine helps protect local farmland from being paved over. A time will CERTAINLY come when we will wish we had that farmland again.

4. Buying local wine helps create jobs for YOUR relatives and descendants.

3. You may actually feel better when you purchase local. Most people that I saw over my 30 years as an LCBO employee who purchased only imports purchased wines that were not available in the countries they came from. Did you never wonder why these non-English speaking countries use English names?? The image projected was certainly not what these twits desired!

2. The vast majority of people cannot tell which continent a wine came from without seeing the label. Why not buy local? You may well THINK that you can tell them, but I've seen hundreds of you in blind tastings, all of whom were convinced that, while not experts, they could tell.

1. In blind taste tests, especially over food, it is amazing how often people prefer the local wine. Act on it!


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