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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vincor takes yet another hit: On the Road with the Grape Guy: Report from ... Fiesta Buckhorn - July 19, 2008

Vincor (A Constellation Company) seems to me to be having trouble with its labels. Eagle-eyed Michael Pinkus (Ontario Wine Review's Grape Guy) found a major label swap on the JT lines...According to my records, the score is now Grape Guy 4, Vincor 0... Here's what he said:
" … a BIG FAT boo-hiss-hiss boo (that's the jeer folks) to Jackson-Triggs, who pulled off a double shame-on-them. First, at an Ontario wine event that focuses and showcases Ontario products (wine, food, beer, ingredients, etc) they had the audacity to pour their blends: Esprit and Naked Grape concoctions; but that's only the beginning of their faux pas. The biggest travesty was the bottle of Black Label Jackson-Triggs 2005 Merlot … as many of you are hopefully aware, Jackson-Triggs had always distinguished their off-shore and VQA products with a White Label (blend) and Black Label (VQA – 100% Ontario) … seems they are pulling a fast one to fool the public; the 2005 Merlot Black Label is a non-VQA made from "a higher level and quality New Zealand grapes," according to my server, as if that makes this ruse more palatable. Does this company have no shame, or pride, left?"

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