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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Newspaper Wine Writing in Toronto

Apparently, the lineage allocated to wine writing in the Toronto newspaper world has shrunk dramatically over the past four months.
* The writer at the Globe and Mail seems to be making only cameo appearances.
* The writer at Metro has apparently moved to Metro online.
* The writer at the Star has had his Vintages coverage cut back.
* The writer at the Sun doesn`t seem to be in every week, and writes a smaller column than before,
* The writer at the National Post used to cover six wines or so, and lately has been cut back to three wines.
* The writer at Now is less featured, and while there are still three items being covered, there is less display space available.
* The Wine Ladies at 24 Hours now only answer just one question.
If I was a conspiracy theorist, I`d say the same fellow was writing all of the wine articles for all of the six newspaper outlets -- there are so few words being published that one wine writer can handle them all!
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