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Sunday, July 3, 2011

GOSH: LCBO items "on sale" move exclusively to Twitter!

TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) – The LCBO today announced that it had joined the Twitterverse.


Beginning tomorrow at 10 AM, the LCBO will promulgate its usual special sales and deep discounts only through Twitter. These sales, indicated by the CSPC, will be for TEN minutes only, and must be completed by return Tweets pointing to pre-registered credit card data to ensure payment. Customers must, of course, have a Twitter account in order to take advantage of the sales.


Customers will then have 24 hours to pick up their purchases from a central location. Should the consumer already be in a store when the Tweet arrives, he can pick up the sale item then and there. Apparently, there is no limit on quantities purchased this way.


Initially, sales will be for $1 off a bottle, peaking at $2.50 off during the slowest selling time of the day. So there will be hourly variations, adding a bit of thrill to the proceedings. Some may even call this "gambling" or "rolling the dice". 


As the system gets rolling, there will be special discounts and news alerts, plus the chance of pre-ordering Vintages products. There is also speculation that home delivery may be available, but only to the Twits.


"We're giving people what they requested -- virtual instant access to reduced prices. Eventually, the sales of all delisted products will also move over to Twitter, giving those Twits a leg up on purchases," said a spokesperson.


More as this story evolves…


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