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Monday, February 13, 2012

Public Access Computers (PAC) come to LCBO stores

TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) – The Foxy Wine News Network is reporting that the Liberal Control of Beverages in Ontario, A Clown, er, Clone, er, Crown Corporation of A Have-Not Province Controlled by The Grate McGinty, is about to announce that stores will soon have at least one PAC (Public Access Computer) installed at each location, complete with WiFi.


This will allow all customers to check the LCBO databases for stock in inventory, prices, availability, and so forth. It will also allow customers – and others – to check their emails and wine notes. The computer could be booked by patrons for 15-minute increments.


LCBO shoppers will soon be able to check the status of their fave wines and spirits at their fave store. As well, the LCBO will be engaging customers with a series of popup surveys as they use the keyboard.


Suggested popup poll questions could be like, "Did you have a red or a white wine with dinner last night?" Or, 'Did you have a domestic wine at dinner last night?" Or, "Are you in favour of a casino in downtown Toronto?" Or, "Would you be in favour of the Liberal government incorporating ORNGE into its Haalth ministry?" Or, "Should we increase the wholesale price of wines in Ontario?"


The LCBO reports that all of this should bring the LCBO system of stores into the 20th century.


More on this as it unfolds…



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