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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Contest for LCBO Motto

Today, the LCBO has announced that it is creating a new motto for its services, a sort of celebration of 80 years of liquor regulation in Ontario. Inspired by the search for a new theme for "Hockey Night in Canada", a spokesman for the LCBO stated that the new Financial Booze Institution (licensed last month) has decided to fast track a competition for its new motto...
There will only be one winner for the Grand Prize, which is free liquor for life -- so long as you pay the bottle deposit and carry it out in canvas reusable bags with the LCBO logo and motto on the outside. . (And ain't that a great motto? "Liquor for life")
Gothic Epicures has taken up the challenge and is prepared to collect and analyze choices for the Grand Prize. You may safely submit entries to this site, posted below as "comments". Be aware that the LCBO closely monitors this site as a "site of interest". They have Google News and Blog Alerts to track every single mention of the word "LCBO" every hour of the day on the web, employing a full-time press attache to collect, collate, and synthesize.  Like rust, the web and the LCBO never sleep. Also, you must be over 19 years of age in order to submit entries. There are no Aeroplan points for this contest.
We at Gothic Epicures would like to kick things off by suggesting "Liquor for Life"...No?  How about "Alcohol -- it really works!". Perhaps "Cellared in Canada" might be effective. Or, "LCBO -- Ministry of Finance's darling".
Your call, ladies and germs..

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