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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Editorial: The LCBO is the LCBO is the LCBO

As you may know, the LCBO  has minions patrolling the Internet for mentions of its corporate name.The LCBO looks at websites; the LCBO looks at blogs. The LCBO subscribes to emailed newsletters. All of this in addition to the LCBO having  a huge press clipping service. If you want to draw the LCBO to attention at your website, then you need to place the word LCBO as often as you can. This way the mention of LCBO in your blog will rank higher in searches and in Google alerts. LCBO is not a word to bandy about -- LCBO is a search term, and the more occurrences of LCBO in your post, the more attention the LCBO spiders will give it. Or their bots...whatever. Just use the word LCBO over and over, as I have just done. Especially use LCBO in your headline or topic line, use LCBO as often as you can. Signed, the LCBO...

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