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Saturday, December 13, 2008

LCBO knows the location of every bottle of alcoholic beverage in Ontario

QUEENS PARK – (GOSH Wine News Services) --  The Provincial Auditor today confirmed that the LCBO, A Crown Corporation, knows the location of every single bottle of alcoholic beverage in Ontario, from the time it enters the province to the time it leaves. And this includes all the bottling lines within the province.


The Auditor also confirmed that the LCBO super software can track liquid levels in the bottle and the absolute rate of depletion. In addition, the empty bottles continue to be tracked through the recycling process.


The Privacy Act, though, prohibits the LCBO from knowing "who" is holding the bottle.


How the public found about the bottle tracking is a story in itself.


Ontarians were stunned last month when it was revealed that the super LCBO software crashed when the TSX crashed. When the LCBO computers rebooted, administrators were shocked to discover that there were over 120 SKUS of pre-phylloxera Bordeaux wines in the Durham warehouse. This represented several thousands of cases of wines, all in wooden boxes and smelly straw.


According to the Ontario Archives, these wines were purchased by the Ontario Government in 1880, and kept in relatively good condition over the past 130 years. Investigative wine reporter Moe Mentum dug out all of this data, and became involved with the major tracking story when he discovered that the computer systems were busy synthesizing the pre-phylloxera material using special tracking formulae. He turned his data over to the Provincial Auditor for further analysis, and this led directly to the major story.


Unfortunately, because of this fall's economic downturn, nobody is able to afford the re-discovered wines. And Mr. Mentum found out that apparently the Accounting Department at the LCBO did not factor in any storage fees. This precluded any possibility of the LCBO making money on the products and showing a profit for the good people of Ontario, A Have-Not Province.


More on this story of economic woes as it develops…stand by for special LCBO wine auctions in 2009…




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