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Sunday, February 15, 2009

International Response to Wine Economy Downturn

In other International Alcohol Beverage Economic Downturn (IABED) news, it has been widely reported ---


--- that TGIF has been replaced by BYOB.


--- that Robert Parker has collapsed his 100-point scheme, and has reverted to the UC Davis scoring of 20 points. Decimals will be introduced (they were there all along anyway). The magic "make or break" number will now be 18 points.


--- that the "Vintages Assessment" use of three stars as the high score has been vindicated, as other users of four and five star ratings collapse their numbers to three, to mesh with "Parker points".


--- that the Euro wine industry has forced grape clones to merge.


--- that trade commissions have cancelled wine junket fam tours for wine media.


--- that wine judging, in light of the proven palate fatigue, has been downgraded to "wine opinions".


--- that the INAO is preparing legislation to commit Euro countries to producing wine only in half-litre (500mL) containers. This will have the immediate effect of lowering prices everywhere in the world except at the LCBO, Still A Crown Corporation.


--- that the Organization of Wine-Exporting Countries (OWEC), New World Division, immediately responded by introducing the magnum (1.5L) as the preferred standard of wine bottles. "This should encourage wine sales exported from hard pressed countries south of the Equator", said a spokesperson.


Much more on these leads and items as they are uncovered by Twitter....stay tuned.




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