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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ontario Wine Review: Deceptive to the Cor (by Michael Pinkus)

Ontario Wine Review: Deceptive to the Cor

This past fall (2008) it was quietly announced that Jackson-Triggs (Vincor)
would be selling their "Esprit" Olympic wine in the newly created "Olympic
retail stores" in British Columbia. This raised a red flag just last week,
when a colleague of mine found the announcement during a routine web search.
He wondered if the wines available in these stores (2 red / 2 white) were to
be the VQA or Cellared in Canada Esprit wines. As many of you know back in
May 2008 (Newsletter #82) I called Vincor out on the carpet for putting the
inferior non-VQA wines into the official Olympic Esprit wines. My comments
caused quite some controversy for Vincor and made them into "damage-control
(aka. spin mode). They told us that a VQA wine was indeed on the horizon,
and published an explanation on their website as to why they went the
non-VQA route. Let's focus on the question at hand: will the wines in the
Official Olympic Stores be real Canadian VQA wines, will Vincor honor their
pledge of providing 100% VQA wine during the Olympics and for all Olympic
events? Additional fuel was added to this controversial fire as Vincor
ramped up their advertising for this product. One such ad appeared on the
back cover of the latest issue of the LCBO's popular Food & Drink magazine,
touting Esprit (non-VQA) as the Olympic wine. It would seem that Vincor
just might be up to some trickery again and it was time to find out. ...

More by investigative reporter Pinkus at...http://ontariowinereview.com

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