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Friday, March 6, 2009

GOSH: How Wine Critics Score Wines


TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) – In a stunning revelation issued just hours ago, the well-known top wine investigative reporter Brett Grimsby released his poll findings from his latest sting operation.


This time he was looking into how wine writer palate tasting fatigue sets in, and he set up an anonymous snitch line which actually revealed who was doing the whistleblowing.


From the section on wine scoring, he learned of many different techniques and systems. Then he began the tedious, rigorous and laborious task of verification, checking each response and source twice to ensure accuracy.


So how do the wine writers score wines? Here is his analysis as he reveals the diverse scoring systems –


* Wine Advocate (sometimes known as Parker) – uses a dartboard for Old World Wines and a shuffleboard for New World Wines.


* Wine Speculator – uses a roulette wheel, regardless of origin of wine.


* Wine writers who persist in using a star system – "We follow biodynamic principles. If they can pick by the moon, then we can taste by the moon. We just go out at night and count the stars visible in the urban sky."


* Marginal wine writers – "Some of us are on the B team, we cannot take chances, so we just pull a number out of a hat."


* Wine bloggers – there was a split here: some leave it up to typos, others let their cats paw the keyboard.


* Hangers on – here Brett found a wide range of responses. Using entrapment, he discovered that some scores are politically motivated, others are done with contempt, but more are based on price. One writer even creates his scores on vulgarity. Another tries to see what he can get away with…



More stories from Brett Grimsby as they develop…



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