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Thursday, January 14, 2010

GOSH: Hockey players refuse to pay for "Cellared in Canada" wines


TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) – In a stunning display of crass attitude that has not kept up with their salaries, players for the Toronto Maple Leaves hockey club refused to pay their bar bill at Freggie™ Frank`s restaurant.


Brett Grimsby of GOSH Wine News Services has learned that the players consumed gallons of Cellared in Canada wine and local Freggie™ after winning a decisive hockey game in overtime. It was their first win in two years. They celebrated by downing wine straight from the TetraPaks.


When presented with the bar bill, the players refused to pay, saying that their presence at the restaurant should have ensured an enormous crowd of fans more than willing to eat and drink there. But at one point, the goalie was passing around a Tip Jar to help pay for the food portion of the bill.


Mr. Frank, the owner, said that he could not re-sell the opened containers of Cellared in Canada wines for health reasons that go beyond normal safety. "Would you want to swallow stretch water that was really close to a loser's mouth? Eeeeeeew, no."


The players' sense of entitlement has flared dramatically ever since the NHL lockout.


More on this development as it is revealed…



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