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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GOSH: Fake news in Ontario wine industry? Shurely not...


REAL NEWS ITEM:  Fake prime-time news report of Russian tanks entering the capital causes panic in Georgia.

Do we have fake news here in Ontario? Certainly "Cellared in Canada" is fake wine. The Liberal Control of Beverages in Ontario (LCBO) is a fake Clown, er Crown, Corporation. The prices of wines in restaurants are fake prices. Some wine writing is fake: it's not hard to be a real wine writer -- you just have to have opinions about wines and find someone to pay you for those opinions. So why not fake news?  Here's one of the latest  --

WELLINGTON and WELLAND, Ontario -- (GOSH Wine News Services)  --Winemakers in southern Ontario have burned two police cars and vandalized LCBO liquor stores during protests to demand government aid.

Vintners in Ontario's Niagara  and Prince Edward County regions have been protesting plummeting prices for their regional grapes and wines as well as rising fuel costs.

Hundreds of wine and grape growers demonstrated in both Welland and Wellington to demand government emergency measures and financial support as local wine and grape prices continue to fall. Demonstrators were tear gassed by police during clashes in both St. Catharines and Welland. Tasers were in evidence in Prince Edward County's Wellington area.

Protesters broke windows at the courthouse in the city of Welland. In Prince Edward County near Picton, protesters wielding baseball bats chased police from their vehicles and set the cars on fire. Protesters also damaged four bank buildings here, to protest foreclosures. There are reports of other buildings being torched  throughout the North Shore of Lake Erie.

At several LCBO stores throughout southern Ontario, the winemakers sacked the wine aisles. Two police were slightly injured in the protests Monday and early Tuesday. Over the weekend, frustrated fruit winery workers firebombed several Farmers' Markets in a co-ordinated attack throughout Southern Ontario.

More from our embedded reporter as the story develops…


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