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Saturday, May 29, 2010

GOSH: Release of secret fruit wine tasting notes

REAL NEWS: Afghan detainee records can be made public, while pets can be euthanized.


Trawna – (GOSH Wine News Services) –- Today, the Harper government and opposition parties have agreed in principle to use a panel of outside experts to referee disputes over whether secret fruit wine tasting notes can be made public after being shown to select MPs. This is in keeping with the Speaker's ruling. But the Harper minority government does not want these parliamentarians by themselves to have the power to declassify secret documents.

Apparently, without the release of these secret fruit wine tasting notes, the Liberal Control of Beverages in Ontario, A Clown, er, Crown Corporation of A Have-Not Province, cannot make a move towards listing Ontario fruit wines in their inventory.

Said the CEO of Fruit Wines of Ontario: "We desperately need the release of these notes so that our members can begin selling their lovely fruit wines to a larger audience throughout Ontario and other provinces."

A spokesperson for the LCBO said that the notes must be forthcoming by Friday. "That's a deadline. Otherwise, fruit wines of Ontario will not get listed – if at all -- until a year from now."

If the parties can clinch a deal, they can avert an unprecedented parliamentary showdown and possible federal election.

Meanwhile, Ontario Premier Grate McGinty has said that he understands that it is difficult for some, but said people must trust the LCBO's decision to get these notes and put down some wines. "It's very painful for those who have to watch from the sidelines, but I think we have to have confidence in our experts," said McGinty.

The Government of Ontario, A Have-Not Province, admits that it does not have authority over the Liberal Control of Beverages in Canada. "It's a Clown, er, Crown Corporation, independent of day-to-day government. They get to decide which wines to put down. It's up to their experts. That's why they need the fruit wines' tasting notes, to decide which wines to put down."

More on this development as it happens…


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