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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GOSH: Freggie launches "Gravy Stain" wine to commemorate new Mayor Ford

TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) --  Later today at a special dinner in Toronto to celebrate the Coronation Of Robert ("that dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard") Ford as its pre-apocalyptic Mayor, it will be announced that Freggie ™, the all-fruit, all-vegetable CellaredinCanada™ wine, will unleash the first in a series of special bottlings.


To be called "Gravy Stain", the Freggie™ creation will have a leaky top that will ensure a gravy stain whenever some one pours a drink – or, most likely, quaffs right out of the bottle.


It will be introduced by Don "Maraschino" Cherry. The stain cannot be removed, unlike political incumbents.


Positioned at $6 a litre, the grey-brown wine will also be highly sought after for its cute and inventive label. Said one wine writer, "The winery managed to eliminate that burning, lingering aftertaste."


It will be available exclusively as +000666 on the General List at all stores owned and operated by the Liberal Control of Beverages in Ontario, A Clown, er, Crown Corporation of A Have-Not Province.



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