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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GOSH celebrates a remarkable 2010!

TRAWNA --(GOSH Wine News Services) -- GOSH is pleased to announce that it is celebrating a remarkable 2010. Not only did we NOT get sued, but also we were the FIRST with such stories as --

n      Freggie™ launches both "Pinko" and "Gravy Stain" wines

n      Ontario Crown Corporations to stop telling the truth

n      Liberals to cut VQA prices

n      LCBO changes its unopened bottle policy

n      New iPhone wine apps

n      Mayor Ford's wine agenda

n      BATF regulations on wine over the Internet

n      LCBO-SAQ liaison to wholesale wine

n      Transparency Act to apply to the LCBO

n      LCBO to match the lowest alcohol product prices in Canada

n      LCBO stores to reuse G20 fences

n      CellaredInCanada™ wines to be served at the G8/20 functions

n      Release of secret fruit wine tasting notes

n      Supreme Court to force GOSH to reveal its sources

n      Car crash into LCBO building wipes out CIC section.

n      Book launch for "The CIC Affair"

n      The Mother of All Wine Apps

n      Olympic Glitch Wine Games

n      Toronto Mayoral candidates call for a boycott of Niagara wines

n      CellaredInCanada™ wines to be gold standard in blind tastings

n      FOXY Wine News Network unveiled

n      Toronto International Freggie™ Festival

n      CellaredInCanada™ Wine Society

n      Stretch water component media conference

n      LCBO poised to untax wines

n      FauxVoixVinCuisine wines another SPIFFY Award


We broke more than 75 stories during the year !

Now, we'd like to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.

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