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Friday, May 9, 2008

What Bad Marketing Dreams Are Made Of (by Michael Pinkus)

> Ontario Wine Review: What Bad Marketing Dreams Are Made Of
> It has been brought to my attention, on a number of occasions, and it
> should be brought to yours, that Jackson-Triggs has two new wines out to
> celebrate the spirit of the Olympics called "Esprit" - a Merlot and a
> Chardonnay. Now, let's forget about what's in the bottle for the moment
> and focus on the outside - the packaging, more specifically, the label.
> Yes, it's a standard bottle and sure the label isn't as eye-catching as it
> could be, but take a good hard look at the label, when you get a chance,
> and you'll notice something's missing. I'll give you a hint by telling
> you what the wine is celebrating: The 2010 Winter Olympics in British
> Columbia, currently and arguably Canada's hottest wine region. Time's up?
> If you guessed that a VQA logo is missing you'd be absolutely correct.
> Canada's official wine of the Vancouver games is a blended, cellared in
> Canada bulk wine, from "imported and domestic" wines, all whipped up by
> our most recognizable "industry leader". This to me is a crime and a slap
> in the face to B.C. and all of Canada's wineries. This would be the
> equivalent of the Albertville (France) Olympic games (1992) having Masi as
> their official wine; the Sydney (Australia) games (2000) with a George
> DuBoeuf produced product or the Turin (Italy) games (2006) relying on Wolf
> Blass for their wine. Am I the only one appalled by this action?
> More at http://ontariowinereview.com/joomla/content/view/254/61/

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