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Thursday, September 4, 2008

"LCBO and the Beer Store ... arcane ..." -- Derek Forward (Netnewsledger)

Monday, 01 September 2008 via Netnewsledger

Thunder Bay, ON -- Are you a beer drinker? Derek Forward might be fighting a
fight that you might want to join. Eight weeks ago, Forward started an
online petition to end the Beer Store monopoly in Ontario. "The LCBO and the
Beer Store, both founded 1927, are arcane institutions that have no place in
today's world. Originally founded out of a puritan belief that all alcohol
consumption was wicked, these two monopolies have controlled the
warehousing, distribution, and retail of alcohol in Ontario ever since,"
according to Forward.

"We believe that in today's world, individuals do not need their consumption
habits to be dictated by government institutions. People should be free to
buy the sorts of alcohol they want, from the outlets they choose, when they
desire. Producers of alcohol including small wineries and craft breweries,
many of whom have been hurt by the policies of the Beer Store and LCBO
monopolies, should be free to sell their product through whatever
distribution system they choose, or to set up outlets of their own. As for
retailing alcohol, this should no longer be the domain of the 2 monopolies
but be a product option for businesses like grocery stores, gas stations,
and convenience stores".

Forward's contention is that The Beer Store, which many people believe is
run by the Ontario Government is actually run by the Molson Coors Brewing
Co. (48%), Belgium-based beer giant InBev (48%), and Japan-based Sapporo.

The problem outlined by Forward in his campaign is that both The Beer Store
and the LCBO in Ontario eliminate choice and are out of touch with today's

The cause has been picked up online at Free Our Beer, a website dedicated to
"reforming Ontario's beer retail system, from a craft point of view".

One of the goals of this campaign is to assist local craft breweries in
getting their products in front of consumers.

If you are interested in finding out more visit www.endthelcbo.com.

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