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Saturday, October 25, 2008

GOSH: Vincor to release high end wines in tetra paks

NIAGARA – (GOSH Wine News Services) – In a stunning decision reluctantly announced today by Vincor, A Constellation Company, it appears that The Grand Closer Dan will soon be available in tetra paks. The wine, slated to be released in the Classics Catalogue in November, will retail for $65 (Chardonnay) and $70 (Pinot Noir) a 750 mL carton, making it the highest priced carton available anywhere on the planet. The words "blanc" and "rouge" will appear on the appropriate label. The LCBO, A Crown Corporation, dissatisfied with the slowness of the greening of Ontario wineries, has stated that Vincor, A Constellation Company, should make a better corporate Canadian statement about being green.


A spokesperson for the LCBO, A Crown Corporation, said: "The sustainable environment of the recycling climate must be a commitment. If Vincor, A Constellation Company, can produce "Cellared in Canada" product in tetra paks, and if their partner Boisset, La Famille Des Grands Vins, can do the same with French PlayBunny, then together they could make a high end wine to kick start the green wine movement in Ontario. We owe it to the good people of Ontario, A Have Not Province."


As an added enticement to Vincor, A Constellation Company, the LCBO, A Crown Corporation, has allowed declassified Dan to be offered as a rose blend, called Fausse Danielle. It too would be in tetra paks, retailing at about $25 a carton.


When asked to comment on why Vincor, A Constellation Company, is doing this green release, another spokesperson for the LCBO, A Crown Corporation, replied: "Because we asked them to. Plain and simple."  Top officials at Vincor, A Constellation Company, remained tip-lipped, and would not speak to the media.


More as this story develops…


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