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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ontario Licensed Wine Writers to receive 10% discount for wine purchases in Ontario

From our GOSH Wine News Services --
TORONTO -- (GOSH) -- Mitigating its recent hard stance on licensing wine writers, the LCBO today adopted a new policy of allowing licensed wine writers a 10% discount on all wine purchases made in the province of Ontario. This includes both domestic and imported wines, made from any source including non-grape fruit. This discount is viewed as a perk of licensed membership.
There are several conditions.
Licensed wine writers must present an inventory booklet at POS, and have it checked off into the LCBO's computers. Regulations will allow a pro-rated sale of two bottles a day, one for each member of a couple. Licensed writers will have to prove that they are in some kind of a relationship in order to quality for the discount on the second bottle. And terminations of relationships must be reported at once. On this basis, licensed wine writers will be eligible for the discount on a maximum of either 365 (366 in Leap Years) bottles or 730 (732 in Leap Years) bottles a year.
Also, the discount will be reported by the LCBO computers to the Federal government as part of a T5 slip for additional revenue; the licensed writers MUST declare this amount as extra income, and will thus be taxable.
The discount, of course, does not apply to the twenty-cent bottle deposit, nor to beers and spirits -- unless the wine writer can prove that, on a proportional basis, he or she also writes about beers and spirits. A separate application must be made in conjunction with the beer writers.
A spokesperson for the LCBO said: "The 10% discount actually will come out of the supplier's profit or agency fee, and not from the LCBO. Our computers can shift money around like that. Thus, this discount will not, I emphasize, NOT take away any of the funds or revenue streams that we so proudly give to the Ontario government each year."
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