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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Team Esprit VQA and Team Esprit CIC to meet in Hockey Grudge Match


TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Service) – With the "on-again off-again" feeling of OIWSBA-LCBO Hockey Teams playing in support of the Woman's Olympic Hockey Team, it appears that Vincor, A Constellation Company, has taken up the challenge.


Vincor, A Constellation Company, has mounted two hockey teams, drawn mostly from their own large staff with support from the Ontario Viniculture Association and the Wine Bloggers Group. Also included in the mix are some LCBO hockey fans and some NHL "alumni" (principally from the Enforcer personnel category). The women hockey players, who had initially signed up for the original hockey series, have bowed out of this killer assignment, preferring to deal with Colio's "Girls Night Out" line of VQA wines.


Team Esprit CIC, which favours imported wines, will be coached by Scott "The Hammer" Montgomery, the Southern semi-demi-hemispheric kind of guy. He will be assisted by the Jamaican bobsleigh team which had sought refuge in Calgary.


The other team -- Team Esprit VQA, which favours properly regulated Ontario wine -- will be coached by Bruce "The Fugitive" Walker. Walker has had extensive West Coast experience and is well-situated to be a national factor. He is to be ably assisted in the VQA task by Edwin "Dubai" Sokoloff from the legendary Churchill Cellars hit squad.


The game will be played outdoors (weather permitting) on Friday May 1, at the High Park Rink. Refreshments will be offered by Gothic Epicures, supported by the industry. Admission is $20 in support of the Woman's Olympic Hockey Team. Spectators are encouraged to drink Vincor, A Constellation Company, products, and to vote for both their fave VQA and CIC tipple. The results of the vote will be announced between the second and third periods.


More on this event (including registration and ticket pricing details) at the OIWSBA website…



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