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Thursday, April 30, 2009

So how bad is the wine economy?

The hospitality sector in these economic downturn days is in terrible shape. So, how bad is the wine economy?


It's so bad – that winetasters never spit anymore, they swallow for the extra calories they need to live on…


It's so bad – that diners never tip anymore, they just lean.


It's so bad – that I just saw Robert Parker quaffing a glass of FuZion.


It's so bad – that wine trade and consumer shows will now only offer bread and water as the food component.


It's so bad – that OIWSBA, the wine importers association, is now representing Ontario wines.


It's so bad – that the LCBO is now closing on both Saturdays and Sundays, to save on overtime.


It's so bad – that VQA is now offering a Cellared in Ontario product, at 70% VQA and 30% other Ontario wines.


It's so bad – that stone fruit wines are being made from only the stones. They're the pits, but they are drinkable.


It's so bad – that Esprit is offering the public $1.25 to buy its wines.


It's so bad – that left-handed wine writers have been laid off.



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