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Sunday, July 26, 2009

CLARIFICATION: Michael Jackson and Cellared in Canada wines.




GOSH Wine News Services wishes to make it absolutely clear that the Michael Jackson now living in Sudbury (and written about in this blog on July 3 and July 8) and promoting his Cellared in Canada "Moonwalk" wines through the Association of Cellared in Canada Wines is the King of Pop (Junior Division) -- and is in no way the same person (or even related to) the Michael Jackson who has written about the barley products of beer and scotch, and who unfortunately died two years ago.


Also: the Michael Jackson aka King of Pop (Junior Division) now living in Sudbury is not related to the Michael Jackson of the All-Ontario Fruit Winery located in Wingham, Ontario.


Nor to Michael Jackson, the consumer at the Local Pub and Grill who merely consumes the stuff and pays for all of the Ontario Government debts with his purchases.


Nor to Michael Jackson the vineyard owner in Perth, Ontario.


Nor to Michael Jackson, the Product Consultant employed by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, A Have-Not Province.


Indeed, Michael Jackson aka King of Pop (Junior Division) and CEO of "Moonwalk" wines is now related to nobody…


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