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Thursday, October 22, 2009

GOSH: CanWest to produce "Cellared in Canada: wine and food" magazine

REAL NEWS ITEM: Gourmet magazine, published since 1941, has been shut down by Conde Nast. Falling ad revenue has been blamed.



TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) – Today, beleaguered CanWest has announced its foray into the tough sell world of magazines. Never one to back away from a good American opportunity, the Asper family has purchased the Canadian subscriber list from recently closed Gourmet magazine.


Said a spokesperson: "We see this as a great opportunity to launch a food and drink magazine for Canadians. Apparently, through our due diligence, we find that there is not a single food and drink magazine published in Canada. We'd like to be the first."


Word on the street is that the new magazine will be titled, "Cellared in Canada: wine and food". Miffed Mole tells us that CanWest is enchanted with the idea of pairing real Canadian wine with real Canadian food.


The magazine will be monthly – it will mix recipes with wine and food pairings, plus engage its readers with some hard hitting political articles centered on Canadian food and wine.


Initial article storyboards have these working titles –


**Wines the government doesn't want you to know about!


**Cellared in Canada management theory: how to fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.


**Boeuf Bourguignon: can it be better with 21 cent a litre red wine?


**Haunted Wines [just in time for Hallowe'en]


**Editorial: The federal Minister responsible for Cellared in Canada wines MUST resign over his inactions regarding the Winter Olympics wine scandal.


**Has Esprit wine lost its spirit?


**Location, Location, Location: exactly where do most Cellared in Canada wines come from?


**Is there really a "Cellar" in Cellared in Canada wine? Or is it just a parking space?


**Cooking with Freggie™, the CIC fruit-vegetable wine.


**China: the wine giant looms in the background of any discussion with Cellared in Canada wine futures.


**Christmas: leftover frozen Thanksgiving Turkey recipes work well with Cellared in Canada wines.


The Association for Cellared in Canada Wines and the Cellared in Canada Wine Group have already announced they will purchase many pages of advertising. The Big Three producers of Cellared in Canada wines will also participate.


CanWest has gone on the record for writer fees: "We feel that we can offer freelance wine writers and bloggers upwards of almost one penny a word, which is at the top end of many such writer fee scales."


When asked to comment, the LCBO, A Crown Corporation, said: "No food and drink magazines in Canada? That's news to us. Where has CanWest been?"




More on this magazine launch as it happens…


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