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Friday, October 30, 2009

GOSH: Prince Charles to endorse new "Cellared in Canada" wine

TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine News Services) – GOSH Wine News Services has just learned that Prince Charles will be endorsing a new "Cellared in Canada" wine.


Prince Charles has been advised by his wine consultant, Jancis Robinson, MW, to push for changes to the "Cellared in Canada" wine industry. He is prepared to wade in on behalf of wine drinkers everywhere. So far, he has managed to convince the Ontario Wine Council to no longer lobby for Cellared in Canada wines.


A source at the Association for Cellared in Canada Wines (AFCICW) tells GOSH that Prince Charles had specifically requested a blended wine at the "British Riserva" level to be named after his wife, Camilla. When told that the name would not fly in Canada (and to enhance Quebec sales), he compromised on the name, by titling it "Camille". There will be both a red and a white wine, with a rose coming next summer. Pricing for the latter will be based on the non-lobby grape price.


The wine, to be the Official Wine of the November 2 – November 12 Royal Tour will be launched at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. In return for the name and the reserve blend, the TetraPak uses the words "By appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales, provisioner of Cellared in Canada Proprietor's Reserve wine." To be discussed are the colour, size and placement of the font used on the label.


This unique blend, according to Miffed Mole, comprises not only English wine from the Lake District surplus but also crystal clear water from North Wales. The Ontario wine component can only come from those wineries who employ people named Charles.


How much water from Wales still needs to be determined, but it would certainly not come over in cobalt blue bottles. In fact, to reduce the carbon footprint, it may arrive here as dehydrated water, to be reconstituted in Hanover, Ontario. The stretch water content is sure to be hotly debated, said Brett Grimsby, our top investigative wine reporter. "Water doesn't come cheap; there must be limits" was his comment.


Both Prince Charles and Camilla are said to be thrilled to be a part of the Canadian reserve winescape, and both hope that their red and white wines become available as part of the Olympics Fine Wine Reserve Collection. The LCBO, A Crown Corporation of a Have-Not Province, is said to be on board for this one, and promises not to test the stretch water component so stringently, and also not to question the nature of the British Reserve.


More on the availability of this "fine reserve wine" as it happens…


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