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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Launch Invite: The Cellared in Canada Affair, April 31, 2010.

REAL NEWS: "And, finally," (said Presenter Mansbridge) "that Canadian wine you've been drinking might just not have been made or even cellared in Canada….Brett Grimsby of GOSH Wine News Services has this story with all of the details…."

TRAWNA – (GOSH Wine Entertainment News Services) –

Please join us in the launch of Brett Grimsby's new book, "THE CELLARED IN CANADA™ AFFAIR; the inside scoops and stories behind what went wrong." (published by Pandemic Press, 2010, 789 pages, hard cover, $39.95 plus tax, or $3.46 on Amazon.Ca). The author will give a reading, sign books, pour wines (your choice), AND do an update on events that have transpired since the book was printed.

Some advance praise for the book:

"Remarkable…it is the work of our greatest forensic journalist, at the top of his game. And it's essential reading" (Vanity Fare)….

"If you read only one book about the causes of the recent vinous crisis, let it be Brett Grimsby's "The Cellared in Canada™ Affair". The truest picture yet of what went wrong in Vineland – and why." (Washington Postal)…

"I literally could not put "The Cellared in Canada™ Affair" down…It's Brett Grimsby doing what he does best, illuminating the idiocy, madness and greed of modern winemaking…Devastating." (Salon.Ca)

"An assiduously reported and beautifully written book…A peerless guide to exactly what went so very wrong" (Rueters)

At the launch, Grimsby will address the issue of transparency, uncovering new information from new sources who now have gone on the record. One such source said it was never his company's intention to deceive anyone or confuse consumers.

Another source said "Please don't question our intention to be totally transparent and honest."

Yet a third source said the now-controversial labels have been in place since 1996 when they were approved by a national standards board. "We pointed out to the government, 'We can't say these wines are a product of Canada because they're not a 100-per cent product of Canada'" he recalled. He said the board then told them to go with "Cellared in Canada."

In other words, "The board made me do it !"

Pandemic Books, the publisher, has said: "In terms of finger pointing at this time, that's why these investigations are so important to make sure that we are able to determine exactly what happened."


The record speaks for itself.


The launch is at the world international headquarters of the Wine Flacks and Hacks of Canada (CN Tower Podium) in charitable support for those wine writers who have lost their jobs defending the public's right to know about quality wines.


Date: Saturday April 31, 2010, 6PM – 8PM


Be there…


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