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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Damages" to set up production in Toronto, feature Ontario sales distribution

HOLLYWOOD – (GOSH Wine News Services) – In breaking news today, top investigative wine reporter Brett Grimsby has learned that the American television cable company FX, in partnership with Sony Pictures, has extended the lifespan of the reality law TV show, "Damages" (starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne).

The TV production will come back for a Fourth Season with the story arc proposed by Line Bryan, the noted Canadian politician-turned-lobbyist. "We need some television production up here," said Bryan, "and what better way than to set the whole plot in Canada, right here in Ontario, A Have-Not Province."

Co-funding will be arranged by Line Bryan and supplied by the Ontario wine industry; it is expected to cost millions of dollars. Concessions were made by all government levels. But it will be shown on the Foxy Wine News Network when it comes onstream later in the year.

Patty Hewes (played by Close) will be leading a class action law suit against the Liberal Control of Beverages in Ontario, a Clown, er, Crown Corporation, that would effectively broker the sale of the LCBO into private hands. "The good people of Ontario, A Have-Not Province, should not be deprived of their daily government-produced toddy, but it should be available at a cheaper price" says Bryan who was speaking from experience. "I know how governments work, and how easy it is to fool politicians. Been there, done that, wrote the book."

The 13 scripts in the arc will be based on both real and imagined court cases as they cover the Cellared in Canada series of wrangles, the intra-provincial barriers to free trade in wine, the VQA regulations, access to consumers by Ontario wineries [with product placement], the mark-up policies, farmers' markets as wine outlets, the environmental issues, the fruit wine issues, labelling requirements, the government monopoly, the HST affair, and so forth.

But usually the arcs have twists in them, so don't be surprised if suddenly the LCBO is sold without Patty knowing about it, and sides become switched. Expect the head of the LCBO to collude with Hewes – or not.

According to Line Bryan, there's enough material here for several years worth of stories.

More on this idea as it develops…


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