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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GOSH BREAKING NEWS: Liberals to cut VQA wine prices by 10 per cent.

BREAKING NEWS:  Liberals to cut VQA wine prices by 10 per cent.


Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan is set to announce a substantial decrease in VQA wine prices for Ontario consumers Thursday.


The Liberal government will cut Ontarians' VQA wine bills by 10 per cent starting on Jan. 1, GOSH Wine News Services has learned.


Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, bolstered by a $1 billion reduction in the provincial deficit, is to announce "substantial VQA wine relief" in Thursday's fall economic statement.


The new "Ontario VQA Wine Benefit" will be clearly visible on cash register receipts and bills, which should jolt the Liberals' political fortunes with a provincial election set for Oct. 6, 2011.


It takes effect in the New Year.


Senior officials confided the cash relief is designed to help consumers cope with prices that continue to rise in part due to ambitious winery projects and new LCBO infrastructures.


"We want to help out and we want it to be meaningful," said one insider.


Other Liberal insiders believe the 10 per cent rebate is "a game changer" as the second-term government focuses more on pocketbook issues in an election year.


Speaking to reporters, Conservative leader Tim Hudak belittled the VQA wine relief. "This is another huge backtrack by the McGuinty government," Hudak said.


More on this breaking news as it develops…



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